Michael Bradshaw

– I’m Michael Bradshaw and I’m from a small town; Columbia, Ky. I’ve been the lead guitarist in the band since 2012. Since joining the band I’ve been to multiple states and hundreds of venues with these guys and it’s been some of the best years of my life. It’s definitely pushed me to be a better musician and help me come out of my shell.

I got my start in music around the age of 13 when my grandpa started showing me how to play amazing grace on the mandolin one Sunday afternoon. I was immediately hooked on music. Not long after I was given a guitar for Christmas and fell in love with the instrument and have been playing ever since.

My musical influences have a broad range but mainly come for the 60’s and 70’s era rock music. I draw a lot from bands such as led zeppelin, zz top acdc/etc. I also draw from the bluegrass and country genre as well. I use a lot of improv and feel for my leads in live shows.